The older we get the rarer it is to find new experiences that give us a sense of wonder and a moment of surreal stupor. I was recently given a last-minute opportunity to join in on a lynx hunt with hounds in British Columbia that provided that for me.
Long before the Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776 or the United States won its independence from Great Britain, westward expansion was leading rugged, hardy men and their families to settle the western frontier. They were carving out a life in what is still known as Appalachia.

If you are a hunter that keeps their finger on the pulse of this world and the news that follows, you would understand that hunting is under attack more and more every day. All over this great nation, a group of politicians combined with anti-hunting organizations are pushing to remove hunting opportunities and eventually hunting all together as a whole. As Clay Newcomb would say, we need to stay vigilant and active in order to “Guard the gate.”


Jet was a hound from Mike Kemp’s Three Bear Kennels. Now, Mike Kemp’s dogs mostly aren’t registered, but they do have pedigree.
Independence is a good thing, right? As Americans, we started a nation because of a document called the Declaration of Independence. Independent is synonymous with self-reliant and self-sustaining. Our entertainment industry has capitalized on the rugged independent character since the inception of movies. People love a good story and romanticize about being the self-sustaining, self-reliant, and independent personality that can ride into town alone, take on the world’s problems, and ride off into the sunset…alone. Being independent is a great attribute, if not a core principle for success.