In Hot Pursuit - Late Winter Into Early Spring

It's A Wonderful Time Of Year... Or Is It?

"It's that time of year again. The snows of winter are slowly melting as the river ice buckles under the rays of the spring sun. Geese fly overhead, northbound for nesting grounds above the arctic circle, honking to mark both the passage of winter and miles traveled. It's the time of year when nature replenishes itself, and the very animals we have hunted produce offspring that will grow, to be admired and hunted anew. It's stupendous, isn't it?"
Join the Author in his view of late winter/spring hound management.

In Hot Pursuit - Old Dogs

A Burden, Or Worth Their Weight In Gold?

"My relationship with my old dogs is more complicated and melancholic. I look into their eyes and I see the adventures we have shared, their potential fulfilled (or not), mistakes I have made (of which there are always many), and I feel sorrow that our adventures together are nearing their end. I also feel a deep gratitude for what they have given me."
The Author explores the true value of an old, yet experienced, hound.

Sacred Pursuit

The Legacy Of Jeremy "Minnow" Fischer

Join the Author as he tells the story of true husband, father, and bear houndsman Jeremy "Minnow" Fischer, and his lasting legacy.

Legendary Bear Hounds Pt 47

Legendary Bear Hound Foundations

"Bear dogs come in all shapes and colors, but it’s not the shape or the color of the dogs that carry them to legendary status in the minds of those that hunt with them. It’s what beats within the chest of the hound: the heart, the grit, and the degree of determination that separates the really good ones from the rest of the pack."
Join the Author as he dives into the foundations of what makes a legendary bear hound.