Sacred Pursuit

Bear Dog For Sale

Ever wonder what to look for in your first, or most recent, bear dog? The Author dives into many of the questions that you may have, in order to help you make an informed decision.
"Young hounds, even young hounds from an established line of solid bear dogs, will all develop differently. Anyone who tells you otherwise is selling snake oil. A line will have similarities and traits that 90% from that line may share, but there is no way to predict the set of experiences and circumstances that will shape how and when your hound will become a “truck-to-tree” bear dog."
The Author dives into what to really expect when raising a young bear hound.

Legendary Bear Hounds Pt. 46

Bear Pen Song Of The South

In part 46 of our Legendary Bear Dogs series, the Author tells the story of "Singer". A bear dog of bear dogs.
"I discovered black bear hunting years ago when I was invited to come to West Virginia. I went bear hunting with a friend who had hounds and ever since then it has been in my blood!"
The Author hunts the coastal NC region with hounds, and finds success with a giant.
Wisconsin bear hunter Joyce Kratz transfers their tag to 7 year old SJ for the opportunity to get his first bear with his hound.