"Have you ever experienced a tire blowout on the highway? As in rubber pieces flying everywhere and erratic driving as you struggle to maintain control of your suddenly unbalanced and bucking vehicle? Well, I have. About the only thing I can imagine would make it worse (apart from a sudden and abrupt stop involving a telephone pole) would be if I then needed to wait for that tire to grow back and heal up before I could use the vehicle again. Sounds terrible, right? Welcome to hunting big game with hounds."
Join the Author and learn the importance of your dog's feet, and how to care for them effectively.

Breeding To A Standard

Seven Fundamentals

"Every bear hunting houndsman wants great dogs. I’ve never met anyone who wants mediocre hounds. Yet, in reality, there are a lot of hounds that can’t produce in the woods. And unfortunately, there’s plenty of breeding taking place that produces subpar litters of puppies that are unlikely to improve the matter."
Join the Author as he dives into some of the fundamentals for breeding successfully.

Legendary Bear Hounds Pt 49

Templeton's Wild Buford (Hank)

Join the Author in part 49 of our Legendary Bear Series, Highlighting Hank, a one-man-army bear dog.

In Hot Pursuit - Late Winter Into Early Spring

It's A Wonderful Time Of Year... Or Is It?

"It's that time of year again. The snows of winter are slowly melting as the river ice buckles under the rays of the spring sun. Geese fly overhead, northbound for nesting grounds above the arctic circle, honking to mark both the passage of winter and miles traveled. It's the time of year when nature replenishes itself, and the very animals we have hunted produce offspring that will grow, to be admired and hunted anew. It's stupendous, isn't it?"
Join the Author in his view of late winter/spring hound management.