Apr 29 2024

Good Friday

Freezer Filling in BC

Join the author on a thrilling journey deep into the wilderness in search of a majestic bear! Experience the excitement of the hunt and the profound connection to nature.

Apr 24 2024

Full Circle

October Black Bears In AZ

Join the author, @dialedinhunter, as he reflects on ten years of bear hunting, from initial setbacks to triumphant returns to familiar grounds. Amidst scouting challenges and disappointments, a renewed sense of hope emerges in a cherished hunting spot, leading to thrilling bear sightings and poignant reflections on the cyclical nature of the hunt.

Jan 04 2024

By The Skin Of My Teeth

Getting Charged By A Wounded Grizzly & Living To Tell The Tale!

Join the Author on a hunt that included a little more that what was bargained for.

Dec 28 2023

Third Time's The Charm

Idaho Backcountry Bear Hunting

Join the Author in a highly anticipated hunt in the Idaho backcountry!
"Bear hunting, in my opinion, is the most diverse kind of big game hunting because every hunt is so different than the next. From spot and stalk, baiting, or hound hunting, to the incredibly vast types of terrain that black bears live in, no two hunts are the same—that’s why I’m always open to new bear hunting adventures."
Join the Author in an adventure in the wild of Prince Of Wales.
"24-year-old Spencer Kloc from Freeland, Michigan wanted more of a challenge than a typical bear hunt over bait or with hounds during his first ever bear hunt during the fall of 2022 in the state’s Upper Peninsula (UP). His original goal was to ambush a bear utilizing a natural food source, but he ended up using a predator call to lure a bruin to him on the last day of his 16 day hunt. Calling bears is a popular method of bear hunting in the west, but is seldom used elsewhere. Kloc’s experience confirms the technique will work in the Midwest, too."

Nov 20 2023

Nine Bear Year

"Throughout our years of bear hunting, we’ve figured out that the biggest key for success is to find their food source. In August, they feed primarily on berries: blueberries, huckleberries, or thimbleberries, to name a few. Before the season even starts we do quite a bit of e-scouting on our GoHunt maps and find the areas where those berries are most likely going to be ripe during the time we will be hunting." Join the Author in the story and tactics of their nine bear year!

Aug 04 2023

Western Bear Hunting

Back To Basics

"There’s a reason you are a subscriber to Bear Hunting Magazine. Maybe you are an avid, experienced bear hunter that enjoys escaping into the pages of the magazine to read about exciting adventures that fuel your passion for bears and bear hunting. Maybe you are searching for other hunting opportunities or knowledge when it comes to specifics in baiting, bear behavior, or hunting with hounds. Whatever the case may be, whether you are new to bear hunting or are a seasoned veteran, one thing’s for certain: bear hunting is one of the most thrilling hunts you can experience!"
Join the Author in learning about the basics of bear hunting, and how accessible it really is.
"There are very few hunts in this life that challenge a man’s soul, grit, and determination quite like a backcountry bear hunt. With the mission of “Mentorship is Conservation” at the foundation of everything we do at Soul Seekers, it is always exciting and extremely refreshing to have adults who want to reinvent themselves and create a new legacy who reach out to us for support."
The Author shares a story of how he has seen the foundation, "Mentorship is Conservation" play out through the toughness and grit involved in a backcountry bear hunt.