Forever Hunting Buddies

A Father/Son Canadian Black Bear Experience

Join the Author on a trip of a lifetime, shared by his son and forever hunting buddy, Bear Hunting Magazine's own Kolby Morehead.

Western Bear Hunting

Being Selective | Waiting for the Right Bruin

Join the Author in learning about being selective in your hunt.

A Bait To Remember

An Ozark Baiting Experience

"I had no idea what I was in for. In August of 2023 I was ready to hunt a big bear, and that led to a litany of experiences both exciting and treacherous while I packed and managed a bait in Arkansas."
Join the Author in his action packed baiting experience this season!
"After two years of pandemic closed borders, I was finally able to return to Canada to hunt. I was excited to go. The trip began smoothly. I got to the airport with no problems, checked my bags with three hours left before departure, and had enough time to sit and order breakfast before my long journey across the country. Then it happened. I received the notification that my flight was canceled."
Join the Author in the story of a Canadian hunt that almost didn't happen.
"I am a lifelong hunter, but new to bear hunting. My dad and I actually began hunting for bears by accident out of curiosity. Three years ago in the summer of 2020, my dad was able to hunt on a new piece of land, and it wasn’t until we checked the trail cameras that we knew that we had bears on the property." Join the Author in the story of her biggest bear taken!

Blast From The Past

Bear Hunting With The Iconic Sharps 1873

"This spring I experienced an epic adventure in Idaho using a nostalgic weapon of the American West. My appetite for bear hunting is rivaled only by enthusiasm for firearms and ballistics" Join the Author in his search for success in Idaho with a firearm with an iconic history.


Alone In The Ontario Night

"My brother Adam, Uncle Alan, and two cousins left southern Missouri for International Falls Minnesota before heading deep into Ontario in pursuit of a Northwoods adventure. The cell signal was nonexistent, and the moose crossing signs first seen as exotic when entering Canada turned into Caribou crossing signs as we eased north on the gravel road. Minatare statues of men made from piles of rocks lined the roads. Tokens crafted from the local native population to ward off evil spirits or perhaps just to give outsiders the creeps. If the latter is to be believed, it was working."
Join the Author in the story of his first Northern bear hunt, which included two bears, a long night, and too much alone time.

Guided Through Grief

Carrying Heavy Burdens Into The Wilderness

'“We loaded our horses with hopes of packing out heavier than when we headed in. Emotions on our sleeves, we grew closer to the adventure of a lifetime, but this hunt was about more than harvesting a spring Wyoming black bear; we carried a heavy burden up into the wilderness,” recalled Scott Knap. Just six months before this hunt, Scott, his wife, and daughter lost their 14-month-old son, Redding. That experience is a burning memory that will never ease its way from those who knew the Knaps and their precious Redding, and it was the true reason for this experience."
Join the Author in a story of a hunt involving much more than a bear.

Every Hunt Is A Predator Hunt

A Newfoundland Adventure

“I’ve shot a couple bears, so I don’t really need another one...” I’ve heard this phrase muttered many times from fellow hunters and I can’t wrap my head around it. Over the years, I have always taken advantage of adding a bear tag to my pocket whenever possible. So when Barb, my Newfoundland outfitter, asked if I wanted to buy one while I was hunting Woodland Caribou, I jumped at the opportunity!'
Join the Author in a multi-species hunt in the Newfoundland wild.

Baiting Bears

A Labor Of Love

Join our new western bear hunting columnist Jana Waller as she dives into some tips for bear baiting from her experience, and the experience of others in the bear baiting world.