Winning | Bear Hunting with Hounds in Appalachian Mountains

In this late season Appalachian bear hunt you’ll see how they often turn out. Bear hunting with hounds is often misunderstood, but is a culturally significant and vital part of bear management in many regions of the country where other methods of hunting aren’t as effective. Bear hunting with hounds is a difficult and strenuous type of hunting that takes year-round dedication. You’ll enjoy this short-film style video giving you a glimpse into bear hunting in the Appalachian Mountains. Two days prior to our hunt it had snowed, making the hunting more difficult in some respects. However, the bears were moving we just had to work a harder to find a track. After two days of hard hunting and several great bear races, we didn't get a bear. Many think bear hunting with hounds is en easy, sure-fire way to get bear - think again. It's a tough hunt and takes a lifetime worth of skill from the houndsmen!

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