A father-and-son adventure in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas using a mule to raccoon hunt with hounds. Swollen creeks, big rocks, and jumping logs, this video has a lot heart. Using hounds to tree coons is culturally iconic method for gathering fur and controlling turkey nest predators.

            Billy Molls is a renowned guide, bear hunter, author and videographer who has guided in Alaska for over 19 years (Billy Molls Adventures). Be sure to check out Billy's Youtube Channel. This film, captured by Billy, is an intimate and unique look into brown bear hunting in Alaska. You'll feel like you're there with them as the peninsula wind blows, and as they glass and stalk giant brown bears. Billy's hunter takes a GIANT 9-foot 11-inch bear on day nine of this incredible adventure. Harvesting older mature males brown bears is key for conservation. Taking out animals that have already contributed to the gene pool is solid science. Billy is a prime example of hunter who intimately knows his quarry, has devoted his life to understanding them, and gives them his ultimate respect throughout the hunt. Hunters are the good guys who love wildlife and want to see them thrive. The efforts of conservation efforts of hunters over the past 100 years is what saved North American wildlife.

             In this late season Appalachian bear hunt you’ll see how they often turn out. Bear hunting with hounds is often misunderstood, but is a culturally significant and vital part of bear management in many regions of the country where other methods of hunting aren’t as effective. Bear hunting with hounds is a difficult and strenuous type of hunting that takes year-round dedication. You’ll enjoy this short-film style video giving you a glimpse into bear hunting in the Appalachian Mountains.


            We hickory smoked a big rack of black bear ribs, and a bear heart. We served it a Christmas party to people who've never eaten bear. You'll be surprised at home many people liked it! You'll be surprised at how they responded. We'd never smoked bear heart before, but it tasted surprisingly good.

            Hunting Manitoba for giant whitetail deer is the dream almost every die-hard whitetail hunter. In the 1990s Canada was "discovered" by the whitetail world and hunting the far North for giant bodied, thick racked bucks became iconic. The last two years Clay Newcomb of Bear Hunting Magazine has been able to hunt whitetails with Tom Ainsworth of Grandview Outfitters in Manitoba. Tom is a longtime Bear Hunting Magazine outfitter who recently sold his bear business and now just focuses on whitetail. On the first year Clay took a 152" buck with his bow. Could he pull out another big buck in 2018? 

            The 2018 was definately different and after three days of hunting Clay didn't think he could get it done with the bow, so he switched to a muzzleloader. On the final day of the hunt he had an incredible hunt after a 9.5 hour sit. A big heavy horned buck was taken back to Arkansas to the Bear Hunting Magazine Global Headquarters and you can join the excitment on this reality-style video. This is the fifth episode of the fifth season of Bear Horizon.  Be sure to check out www.huntfishmb.com 

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