While bear hunting in British Columbia with Jeff Lander and Primitive Outfitting, Clay Newcomb stalks through a culvert to get within five yards of a black bear with only his traditional bow. It's a juvenile male and he decides not to take the bear, but ends up running it up a tree.


On the fourth and final story Clay Newcomb tells the story of killing an Arkansas black bear on public land that was estimated to weigh 500 pounds. It was a giant color phase bear and came at a significant time in his life - the end of the story tells why.


Predator calling brown bears is not for the faint of heart. Guide, author and hunter, Billy Molls calls in a giant bear on the Alaskan peninsula. You'll also see a 9.5-foot breeding a sow and lots of unique bear interactions. On the fifth day of the hunt after spotting a giant brown bear, Billy predators calls and the bear comes running! Check out Billy Molls content on his website, ,YouTube channel, Facebook, & on Instagram.


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In the third session of the live storytelling event at the Springfield Backcountry Hunters and Angler's event, Clay Newcomb of Bear Hunting Magazine tells the story of his daughter River's mule wreck on public land in Arkansas. As promised, this was the "terrifying story" for River, but also for Clay as a her father. Clay reflected and said this was a significant moment in River's development and being in a wild place contributed to the learning experience.


On story #2 of the live storytelling event where Clay Newcomb spoke, he told the story of the time he had to talk his dad down from shooting an Arkansas black bear invading into their camp! The situation escalated quickly and involved some high level negotiation techniques.