Yep, Jed is back. We tried to determine what variable makes rendered fat into liquid oil versus a more solid lard. We've had variations in our rendered bear fat and we want to know! Secondly, we want to know if there is a difference between the fat of spring bear from Montana and fall-killed Oklahoma bear. We fried some catfish in bear oil, too. Fun stuff from the Global Headquarters of Bear Hunting Magazine.


This Do-it-yourself adventure in Montana starts with a cross-country trip hauling mules from Arkansas to Montana. Misses, getting thrown off mules, missing a blonde bear and finally taking a great bear after 16 days of cumulative hunting over the course of three hunts, Clay Newcomb comes back to Arkansas with the meat, fat and hide of a great Montana boar.


Kolby Morehead, the "Bear Tech", got thrown off the mule, Smokey, when the mule's foot went through compacted snow. Kolby took the fall with grace, but Clay thought it was pretty funny. The full video of this Montana black bear hunt will be the next video up on this channel!


While bear hunting in British Columbia with Jeff Lander and Primitive Outfitting, Clay Newcomb stalks through a culvert to get within five yards of a black bear with only his traditional bow. It's a juvenile male and he decides not to take the bear, but ends up running it up a tree.


On the fourth and final story Clay Newcomb tells the story of killing an Arkansas black bear on public land that was estimated to weigh 500 pounds. It was a giant color phase bear and came at a significant time in his life - the end of the story tells why.