Hunting bears with a traditional bow, off the ground, on public land in Arkansas is the pinnacle of Clay Newcomb's hunting charts. On his first hunt in 2019, he had a unforgettable hunt that ended with the hide and meat of a majestic beast being hauled out on the back of his trusty mule, Izzie. We've been calling bear hunting without the use of bait or hounds on public land in the Eastern Deciduous Forest the Sheep Hunt of the South! Check out and the Bear Hunting Magazine Podcast.


Spanning over two years, River Newcomb's pursuit of a big Arkansas black bear encompassed a serious mule accident and some wins and losses with some giant bears. Clay and River used mules to bowhunt bears on a secluded property in the mountains of Arkansas.


On their first ever elk hunt, and with only three weeks of preparation, Clay and Bear Newcomb head out with their mules to Colorado public land for an elk expedition. This father-and-son hunt shows that anybody can do if they'll just go. Check out the Bear Hunting Magazine podcast where Clay and Bear discuss the hunt in detail.


This is the short version of our popular "Hundred Dollar Squirrel" video. This "short" was accepted to be in the Backcountry Hunters & Anglers Film Festival in 2019.


Stalking black bears on the ground with the traditional archery equipment is exciting and difficult. Clay Newcomb hunts with Primitive Outfitting (Jeff Lander) in British Columbia for black bear and this video documents multiple incredible, up close and personal stalks on black bear.