In the third session of the live storytelling event at the Springfield Backcountry Hunters and Angler's event, Clay Newcomb of Bear Hunting Magazine tells the story of his daughter River's mule wreck on public land in Arkansas. As promised, this was the "terrifying story" for River, but also for Clay as a her father. Clay reflected and said this was a significant moment in River's development and being in a wild place contributed to the learning experience.


On story #2 of the live storytelling event where Clay Newcomb spoke, he told the story of the time he had to talk his dad down from shooting an Arkansas black bear invading into their camp! The situation escalated quickly and involved some high level negotiation techniques.


This is one of four short stories told by Bear Hunting Magazine editor Clay Newcomb at the Backcountry Hunters & Anglers Live Storytelling Event in Springfield Missouri. This is a story of when Clay and his son lost their mule and had to go a bar to try to locate the mule. When he went into the bar, much to his surprise, a patron of the bar knew Clay's mother and the story unfolds from there! We'll be releasing the other three stories soon! Check out our shop and use code BHM5 at checkout for $5 off a subscription to Bear Hunting Magazine.


Bear Hunting Magazine columnist, Brian Strickland spring bear hunted with Rich and Marla Geres of Eastern Sky Guiding Service in Saskatchewan ( ). Hunting with traditional archery equipment for black bear is a challenge, but is becoming more and more popular amongst bowhunters.

            A father-and-son adventure in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas using a mule to raccoon hunt with hounds. Swollen creeks, big rocks, and jumping logs, this video has a lot heart. Using hounds to tree coons is culturally iconic method for gathering fur and controlling turkey nest predators.