Brian Strickland bear hunted for five days in Manitoba with Baldy Mountain Outfitters when he killed a Boone-and-Crockett-class bear with traditional archery equipment. Brian is a veteran bowhunter and outdoor writer. He writes a monthly column in Bear Hunting Magazine, which is the only all-bear hunting publication in the world.


Raegan hunts black bear for the first time with her father, Brian Strickland, at Baera Forest in Quebec, Canada. Hunting black bear in the spring is a great way pursue the icon of North American wilderness - the bear. Special thanks to Baera Forest outfitters in Quebec.


Bowhunting for pheasants isn't easy, but it's a lot of fun. Clay Newcomb took his traditional bow to hunt pheasant in Kansas in January of 2020. You'll see fifteen of the greatest bowhunting misses of all time and one of the greatest hits. You can check out the Bear Hunting Magazine podcast to hear all the details of the hunt, including gear, tactics and how the hunt really went down. Cameraman Brent Reaves of Reckless Drift Media filmed the hunt and joined Clay on the podcast. They were hunting with Upland Inn Hunts in Greensburg, Kansas. They had lots of opportunity at wild pheasants. DON'T BE AFRAID TO MISS!


This film tells a simple, yet deep story of seasoned hunter, James Lawrence, on a bear hunt in Southeast Oklahoma. A bear gets way too close, he chooses to pass multiple bears while waiting on an older, mature bear.


Using mules to access the backcountry, Clay Newcomb and Strait Sedillo freecast hounds to hunt for bear in New Mexico in late October. Putting on over 40 miles on the mules in five days, these boys cover some ground looking for bruins and show how difficult hunting with hounds can be. Bear hunting with hounds is a traditional, ethical and incredible way to pursue bears!