If you’ve ever had the change to handle some bear fat, you know that everyone comments how smooth their skin is. So how about customizable chap stick? Chap stick that can soothe chapped skin, maintain the moisture on skin and lips, or could just be used for bug bite relief? Chap stick that a husband would proudly carry in his pocket because it has BEAR GREASE from his bear. I won’t go into a deep of a dive with how over the counter chap sticks can be more harmful than helpful. A quick internet search will give you plenty of content to peruse on the matter. I have found a solution to the problem and have made a chap stick that I can control what goes into it! It’s a win/ win all around. Natural, Healthy, and sustainable!
Have you ever tried custom orthotics to help your feet in the backcountry? The Bear Tech, @kolby_morehead, gave @sheepfeetoutdoors a shot and had some positive results.

Keys to Early Season Success

Early Fall Hunting Strategies for Hunting Black Bear

Trying to give very specific tips for bear hunters on what bears are eating nationwide is a difficult task. Obviously, food sources are not the same in the Pacific Northwest as they are in, say Arizona, or even the eastern side of my state. Therefore, I want to focus on ideas and strategies to help you narrow down for yourself exactly what the bears are eating this time of year (or anytime really). After reading this, you should have a good basis to further your knowledge no matter the season you are hunting bears.
-Doug Boze-
PA does not allow baiting or hunting with dogs. The most successful way to hunt PA Black Bears has traditionally been by conducting drives. There are two groups in these drives, the hunters doing the walking (or drivers) and the hunters in front of the drivers waiting for the bears to run towards them (or standers).
The game and fish wardens were unloading and setting a bear trap behind my house and told me a story: a tourist in Montana sold little silver bells and cans of pepper spray to ward off bears while hiking in the woods. One of the wardens was asked by a tourist, “Can you tell the difference between black bear scat and that of a Grizzly?” “Oh, that’s easy,” he replied, “Black bear scat has ruminates of nuts, berries, and some roots. Grizzly bear scat has the same but with little silver bells and empty cans of pepper spray.”
For thousands of years, humans have been documenting their hunts: from ancient cave paintings to the handwritten notebooks of Lewis & Clark, Theodore Roosevelt, Jack O’Connor, Fred Bear, and other hunting legends. Their stories shaped our imaginations, sparked innovation and exploration, and brought value to the land and animals that we, as hunters, cherish and strive to protect. Stories are powerful and your story is important.

There are some significant drawbacks to having a bowhunting YouTube channel. Then consider that my channel is largely about bear hunting, and you can double down the number of negative comments that come flying in day after day. Hate speech is a daily part of my life. Most mornings I get up and sit down at my computer while my wife spends the first hour of her day in the bathroom. I use this time to go through the daily assortment of comments on my YouTube channel. I’ve learned not to take it too seriously, because if I let it affect my mood, it would ruin my day most days. YouTube is a world-wide platform, and many of the comments come from Europe.

The Most Successful Reintroduction in the World

Originally published March/ April 2016 in Bear Hunting Magazine

By the 1940s, it was believed that less than 50 bears remained in the entire state and were located near the White River. However, significant bear sign was also reported by trappers in the western Ouachitas around the turn of the century. However, between 1954 and 1964 the AGFC traded bass and wild turkey with Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Canada for 254 black bears, which were relocated into Arkansas. The bears were hauled in pickup trucks with wire cages built in the pickup bed, usually hauling multiple bears at a time. What a sight that would have been to see a pickup full of live bears!