Brown Bears Not Welcome

How to Limit 'Ursus Arctos' at Your Bait Site

Ever had issues with brown bears taking over your bait site? Read along as author Lucas Byker dives into tactics to prevent unwanted brown bear traffic.

In Hot Pursuit

When Disaster Strikes | Preparing For The Worse While Hoping For The Best

Join the Author in a reminder to be prepared for moments where things may not go to plan.

Bruin Destinations

Georgia's Peach Tree Bruins

Join the Author in exploring the "bear-scape" of the Peach State.

Why do Male Bears Kill Cubs?

Why Do Male Bears Kill Cubs?

"Some things are tossed around as fact so often and for so long that they become generally accepted as truth. Bear hunters sit around campfires and discuss what they have seen or heard, and opinions are shared. Many times, the narrative does not meet with reality." Join the Author in his explanation of why male bears kill cubs.

Black Bear Biology

A Coat Of Many Colors

"Few things define a species so distinctly as their outward appearance—bright feathers, sharp spines, sleek scales—but among mammals, the American black bear stands out for the wide range of colors, or more technically “colourmorphs,” it displays across its range."
Join the Author in learning about the "colourmorphs" or color phasing of black bears.

Blood, Sweat, And Bears

The Reasons You're Not Finding Bears

"For many in the U.S., by the time this article is published, fall bear season will be starting up. Oh, what a time it is! The hot days give way to cozy, pleasant evenings, the air is filled with the smell of berries warmed by the sun, and the anticipation of the coming deer and elk seasons are creeping up. But the immediate challenge remains, where are the bears?"
Join the Author in exploring why you're not seeing bears.