Boom…….. Ding! That’s the sound we all love to hear down range when prepping for a hunt or simply plate popping for fun. The 28 Nosler is a newer caliber, but it’s comparable to some of the well-established titans of the shooting world like the 7mm.
We're all about utilizing bears. Have you ever thought about getting jewelry or other keepsakes created out of your bear? Check out some of the things you can get done at places like Rocky Mountain Scrimshaw to create something personal that can last!
Bears spoil quicker than deer because of higher levels of resident bacteria on the animal, so you better get the hide and meat taken care of quickly. Don’t roll up the hide initially when putting it in the freezer, but rather stretch it out to cool evenly, and then roll it up. When in the backcountry with no freezers, considering salting the hide for preservation, but you’ll need to learn to turn the ears and split the lips. For a quick fix, consider purchasing a bottle of STOP-ROT to extend the out-of-the-freezer life of your bear hide. We hope these tips help you preserve your bear hide.
"Hunting and tenting go hand-in-hand. For me, the canvas tent removes the risk of damaging my shiny holiday trailer on trails that get us to hunting territory, and I can wear my boots in the tent. The tent gets me and my buddies closer to remote wilderness, and the wall tent has improved the quality of my wilderness camping and public land hunting. With the way the tent zippers work, the quad can even come into the heated tent for repairs, if required." -Tim Fowler-
Capable of carrying 25% of their bodyweight, these 300-400lb animals can handle packing out a quartered up black bear and hide with ease. They also provide some at-home comforts deep in the backcountry, which were greatly appreciated on this hunt after a May snowstorm dumped more than a foot of fresh, heavy snow on our mountain destination just days before our arrival.

Today, Wyoming perhaps some of most under-utilized black bear hunting opportunities in the Rocky Mountain west. That might change as the word gets out but at present hunters looking to get away from the crowds and hunt bears that have seen less hunting pressure compared to some other western states surrounded by some of the most scenic territory in country might want to give the Cowboy State a look.

New Thoughts on Black Bear Home Ranges

Many people have a distorted vision of how much bears travel. Here’s a new way to look at it.

I have been seriously studying black bears, bear behavior and bear hunting for most of my life and I’ve learned a lot about bears. But there is only one thing I really know for sure. The more I learn about black bears, the more I realize how much more there is to learn. Their home ranges and movement patterns are a good example of this.

Myths and Facts About Nocturnal Bears

Struggling with bringing bears to your baits during legal shooting hours? The dynamics of nocturnal bears may surprise you.

Here it is sports show season again; I’m doing bear hunting seminars at several large sports and hunting shows again this year. I like this time of the year because I really enjoy meeting serious bear hunters from across bear nation. But there are some predictable downsides besides the travel and nights in motels. I will once again this year answer some of the same old predictable questions over and over. Some of these questions have easy answers and some, not so easy.