Black Bear Biology

The Devil Of It All

Join the Author in learning about how the biology of the black bear gives it access to food sources that other species can't acquire.

Western Bear Hunting

Getting The Most Out Of Your Bear!

Join the Author in learning how to utilize, and get the most from your bear.

Becoming A Bear Hunter

Getting Involved

"Welcome to the final article in the series 'Becoming a Bear Hunter.' I hope you have found them informative, engaging, and fun. This final topic may be the most important one in the series. While it won’t contain high adventure on some snow-covered mountain top, nor tales of being charged by a slobbering boar on a goat trail and getting a shot off just in time, it still might make the hair on your neck stand up. That’s because it is about the anti hunting community and their effort to end hunting, even in your state or province."
Join the Author in the final step in becoming a bear hunter. Answering the call to conservation.

Black Bear Biology

Nothing New Under The Sun

"The Osage author John Joseph Mathews once wrote that, other than hunters, the coyote’s only real enemies were those of a “microscopical” form, referring to pathogens and disease. “Every species has such enemies,” he wrote. “[And] such enemies are a part, a very important part, of the balance, and are not only invisible but mysterious to me.” Like Mathews, I find the microscopical enemies of wildlife both mysterious and fascinating."
Join the Author and learn about wildlife disease and how it plays into the way we look at conservation today.

Becoming A Bear Hunter

Tracking A Wounded Bear

"In this issue of our series entitled “Becoming A Bear Hunter,” we are going to discuss tracking a wounded bear. Now you may ask yourself, “Why not just call it tracking wounded game? Isn’t it all the same?” A great question, but the answer is no, it is not the same. There are important differences between tracking an ungulate and a bear. So, let’s get into it."
Join the Author in learning how to safely track a wounded bear.

Beyond The Acorns

An Aspiring Hunter’s Spiritual Journey in the Bear Woods

"My accelerated path into hunting began on the worst night of my life. Up until that point, the timeline had been gradual, fueled by many questions and a desire to understand my food source from start to finish. It’s ironic that it took a negative interaction with a black bear to eventually inspire a love of conserving them."
Join the Author in her story of overcoming a traumatic experience, becoming a student of the bear woods, and entering the life-long passion of bear hunting.

The Strategic Bear Hunter

How I Got This Way

"Every so often someone asks me how I got started in bear hunting and why I put the effort into the hunting, especially baiting for bears, that it takes to be successful at a high level. I’m not really sure how I got hopelessly addicted to this, but I can tell you my story."
Join the Author in his story of getting "The Bear Bug".
"March 17th, 2023 will go down in one of those days that I’ll likely never forget. It was one of those moments where I was extremely grateful to be one of the few people in this world to get to be on a bear den study. I held bears, learned new things, and gained a great appreciation for wild things. (AND the people who track those wild things.)"
Join the Author on a bear den research trip with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission.

The Strategic Bear Hunter

Traveling Bears

Join the Author as he dives into his experience and knowledge, as well as research by state biologists, on just how far a typical black bear travels within a home range.