Becoming A Bear Hunter

Shot Placement

Learn how to select an accurate shot on a black bear with Bear Hunting Magazine columnist Doug Boze.
“If there is any one duty which more than another we owe it to our children and our children’s children to perform at once, it is to save the forests of this country, for they constitute the first and most important element in the conservation of the natural resources of this country” - Theodore Roosevelt.
The Author dives into the importance of keeping our heritage of hunting and fishing public lands, alive for the future generations.
"Scott Kiefner set out to kill all four bear species with a .50 caliber rifle and pulled it off in style."
Join the Author as he tells of Scott Kiefner's North American Bear Grand Slam journey.

Fleshing It Out

You Do You!

"Be yourself! Everyone else is taken,” said the sign in front of the shop where I get my oil changed in my pick-up truck. In some ways this is a ridiculously simple statement, in other ways it's profound. It's simple because it's obvious that you can only be yourself. But it's also profound––in a life-changing way-––you are free to be yourself: who you are, how you roll, and your life goals."
The Author encourages readers to be themselves, because, "everyone else is taken".
Meet our new Western Bear Hunting columnist Jana Waller. Get to know a little about her background in bear hunting, media, and all things outdoors.

Strike A Pose

Western Bear Hunter

"...when success is finally achieved you want to make the best of it by capturing the moment with quality photos that tell your story. With today’s digital equipment literally in our pockets every day, it’s pretty easy if you’re willing to take the time and effort." The Author gives you tips to, by photo, capture the story of your bruin of a lifetime.
"This pattern is so predictable, it’s downright fascinating how bears from Idaho to Maine and states in between will follow this pattern with few exceptions" The Author dives into the pattern that is common when baiting bears, even at opposite sides of the country.
“Never, ever miss an opportunity to include a child or someone who might not ask to go—just ask them. If there's someone you think, you know, I wonder if Bob would like to go. Well, don't wonder! Call Bob and ask him or ask Bob to bring his kids,” said Brent Reaves, a lifelong hunter, trapper, fisherman, and committed outdoorsman. You might catch Reaves on Clay Newcomb’s Bear Grease Render podcasts.