”A Very Propitious Event”: (pruh-pish-uhs, indicative of favor, favorably disposed towards you)
Every once in a while something significant happens that causes you to ponder the individual choices that decided the outcomes in your life. That causes you to wonder; what if things went differently, what if I went left instead of right, what if I stayed home, what if I did ask that girl out on a date, what if, what if, and what IF?

Feb 14 2022

Glassing Arizona

A veteran hunter takes a new bear hunter into the backcountry & breaks the curse.
The spring might be the most popular time to hunt western black bears; however, the fall is a great time to chase them as well. Some states only have a fall season which means that it is the only time to hunt bears. Before you buy a tag, do some research, do some e-scouting to find hard-to-reach trail-less basins, and give yourself an ample amount of hunting time to find and harvest a mature bear.
The author's first trip to Montana proved to be a big challenge with a color-phased reward.

Jan 11 2022

Helicopters & Bears

A bear hunter on a spot and stalk hunt breaks her leg and is flown out by helicopter out of the backcountry.

Aug 26 2021

Backpacking for Bears

Teddy Roosevelt summed it up best when he stated, “The farther one gets into the wilderness, the greater is the attraction of its lonely freedom.” As fitting as Roosevelt’s words may be, there’s more to a do-it-yourself backpack hunt than just throwing on a lightweight pack and pressing forward. The fact is, the realities of this endeavor have a way of driving the unprepared back into reality. Weather, injury, exhaustion and overall tough hunting conditions can all play a role in the outcome of the experience. With this in mind, here are some troubles to avoid when planning your next DIY backpack adventure bear hunt.
One of the great things about being outdoors is that you never know what you’re going to come across. Often the full story doesn’t come out until you get home. Tammy Russell harvested a once in a lifetime bear, though she didn’t know it until later.

Jul 29 2021

Jawless in Kenai

A solo mountain bear hunt turns up an unusual bruin.

A lifelong Alaskan gets a surprise on a solo hunt in the mountain taking a bear with no bottom jaw.

Jul 20 2021


A young hunter's five-year quest for a Washington state black bear.

A father recounts his son's five year quest for a Washington backcountry bruin.