Aug 04 2023

Western Bear Hunting

Back To Basics

"There’s a reason you are a subscriber to Bear Hunting Magazine. Maybe you are an avid, experienced bear hunter that enjoys escaping into the pages of the magazine to read about exciting adventures that fuel your passion for bears and bear hunting. Maybe you are searching for other hunting opportunities or knowledge when it comes to specifics in baiting, bear behavior, or hunting with hounds. Whatever the case may be, whether you are new to bear hunting or are a seasoned veteran, one thing’s for certain: bear hunting is one of the most thrilling hunts you can experience!"
Join the Author in learning about the basics of bear hunting, and how accessible it really is.
"There are very few hunts in this life that challenge a man’s soul, grit, and determination quite like a backcountry bear hunt. With the mission of “Mentorship is Conservation” at the foundation of everything we do at Soul Seekers, it is always exciting and extremely refreshing to have adults who want to reinvent themselves and create a new legacy who reach out to us for support."
The Author shares a story of how he has seen the foundation, "Mentorship is Conservation" play out through the toughness and grit involved in a backcountry bear hunt.

Jun 30 2023


A Remarkable Concurrence Of Events Or Circumstances Without Apparent Causal Connection

"How much of hunting is luck? How much of a successful hunt is hard work, pre-planning, studying maps or harvest data? Is the end result simply a mathematical equation of carbs burnt, miles traveled vs. outcome? Is achievement a consequence of ones state of mind, or perhaps it’s the declaration of a divine will? Can you predict success, can one rely on good karma or is it all just one big coincidence?"
Join the Author in a hunt that may involve more than just experience.

Jun 30 2023

Opportunity Meets Tradition

The Beginning Of A Passion

"Regardless of where you are in life as a hunter, take the time to stop and reflect on the things that make it possible and worthwhile: Opportunity, fellowship, and tradition."
Join the Author as he dives in and learns of the struggles, relationships, and rewards that come from taking part in being a bear hunter.

May 19 2023

End Of An Era

"Since my first archery spring bear hunt in Arizona, I have applied every year since and drew every so often. It’s always been a fun hunt that I’ve looked forward to. So when I got the news in the fall of 2021 that I drew a 2022 spring bear tag, my excitement went through the roof. It was for a unit I had always wanted to hunt, but never had the chance. Sadly, it would be my last chance ever to pursue black bears on this tag, given the fact that Arizona recently cut this hunt from the regulations. It left me heartbroken, but I was ecstatic for one last opportunity."
Join the Author on his quest for success in the Arizona wild.

May 11 2023

The Story Of The 50 Mile Bruin

Hunting Bear In The Most Remote Place In The Lower 48

"After a series of family emergencies and canceled plans, I found myself alone for eight days hunting bears in one of the wildest places on earth. The Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness in Idaho is over two million acres and the largest federally designated wilderness you can hunt in the lower 48."
Join the Author as he searches for a bruin in the most remote place in the lower 48.

Apr 27 2023

Blind Date Bruin

"With a nickname like “Grizz Magnet,” you’d think it would be hard to find a hunting partner, but I guess a sucker really is born every minute. Let me introduce Chuck, who I later learned is also considered a “Grizz Magnet” by his friends. When you put two Grizz Magnets together, they do attract—bears, that is!"
The Author's seeks success in one regard, but ends up finding it in another outcome.

Mar 20 2023

In the Montana Wild

If you were to go back three or four generations, hunting was not only a way of life but a necessity to prolong life and fuel one’s self and family. In recent years, hunting has been under attack with extreme force coming from the anti-hunting community. As a Washington State resident who enjoys hunting bears, I know this all too well. Allow me to introduce myself; my name is Bob with Pacific North Wild. PNWILD is a group of sportsmen from the northwest, dedicated to being involved in the process of where our food comes from. Our goal is to share with you our passion for wild places and the adventures we seek. I would like to take you along with me on my journey hunting Montana for the first time, and how bear hunting in my home state has changed.
-Bob Petit-