It’s fun to find new ways to display, remember, and honor the animals we’ve harvested. This LED light bear will make a conversation piece in your house wherever you put it.  This is the same bear skull from the July/August 2021 issue of the magazine that I cleaned using the maceration process.  I then whitened it in a peroxide bath.  I was amazed at how well the web of complex nasal turbinal bones were preserved and I knew it would look cool with some LED lights behind them. This is a fun, cheap, and easy craft that may take ten minutes to do and you will have a cool skull light that turns different colors adding ambience to any room using a TV backlight kit with AC plug.  I found this one on Amazon for $25.
1- Connect the LED sections together making sure that the arrows on the strips and the connectors line up as shown
2 - Just like putting lights on a Chrismas tree, make sure that all sections are working.
3 - Remove the backing from the first three LED sections and fold them in half joining the adhesive strip together
4 - Fold the strip in half again and insert into the brain cavity from the base of the skull
5 - Fold both middle sections of LEDs in half a second time and insert one in each nasal cavities from the bottom of the skull
6 - Remove the adhesive from the last section and line the inside of the lower jaw.  Cut any excess off of the strip on the marked cut lines.
7 - Use a zip tie pull the cables together hiding them under the nasal cavity.