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North Mountain Adventures Guiding & Outfitting is a family owned and operated full service Outfitter offering Manitoba Black Bear hunts.  Owner and main guide, Craig MacCarthy has been a guide for many years and has enjoyed guiding for other outfitters in both Manitoba and British Columbia. He began as a teenager helping with his parent's outfitting business then  decided to embark on his own outfitting  adventure in 2014 with his wife Melanie!

Our mission is to do everything possible to make sure everyone has the best possible chance at harvesting a trophy animal and have fun  while doing it!

Craig MacCarthy has spent his entire life hunting and fishing in this area and has an extensive knowledge of the terrain and the animals. Craig is also an avid bow hunter himself so he knows what it takes to get close and remain undetected.

The area that we hunt is just North & East of Riding Mountain National Park. This area of Manitoba is well known for producing some of the largest bears on record and for its high percentage of color phase bears, ranging from blonde to cinnamon to chocolate. 

Bear Hunts

North Mountain Adventures offers Black bear hunts in a trophy rich area of Manitoba. Most of these bears have rarely seen a human allowing them to reach maturity and trophy quality. The lush forests, agricultural fields and good supply of big game provide plenty of feed for the bears making this an ideal habitat.

Most bear hunts are located on private land North and East of Riding Mountain National Park. You will be hunting out of 10-16' high ladder stands placed within 30 yards of the bait. Stands will be placed accordingly to accomodate an archery or rifle hunt. Ground blinds are available if climbing a ladder stand presents an obstacle.  Hunters will be transported directly to the stands by 4 x4 pickup or ATV.

Hunters who choose to fly will land in Winnipeg, Canada and rent a vehicle. You will then drive approximately 3 hours Northwest to our location where you will be met by the outfitter. Hunters will stay in a cabin where breakfast items will be provided for hunters to eat at their leisure. A full dinner will be provided early afternoon, prior to the hunt and then lunch served in the evening following the hunt. Hunters will have the opportunity to accompany the outfitter and check bear baits prior to the afternoon hunt if desired.

Whitetail Hunts

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We are a family owned and operated outfitting business that has been guiding hunters for over 25 years. Our bear hunts are conducted along the Northeast Side of Riding Mountain National Park, where the mountains meet the agricultural fields. This area of Manitoba is widely known for its Trophy Quality and HighPercentage of Color Phase Bears. It also has one of the highest bear densities in North America. Our Deer hunts are conducted in GHA 19B which is also known for producing top quality bucks with big bodies and heavy dark antlers. Our Moose Hunts start at the float plane base in Thompson Manitoba where you will be flown to one of our camps on a remote lake. The only access to these areas are by float plane which makes resident hunting pressure almost non-existent.

Allan MacCarthy has spent his entire life hunting and fishing these areas and has been guiding professionally for over 20 years. He will do everything humanly possible to help you get your Trophy Moose, Bear or Whitetail Deer. Over the years our Bear Hunters have enjoyed a 100% shot opportunity and a 95% success rate!! Come and join us for an unforgettable adventure with one of Manitoba's Top Big Game Outfitters. Almost everyone that hunts with us once returns as a repeat client. Our hunters come as clients and leave as friends!

Come and join us for some of the most exciting big game hunting in North America!! Feel the excitement as your guide calls and rakes the brush. Suddenly you hear a distant reply. Your heart pounds as you listen to him grunt and make his way toward you. Suddenly the moose appears and you wait for him to present the perfect angle for a shot. As long as your hand is steady and your aim is true you will be rewarded with the trophy of a lifetime!

Our Moose Hunts start at the float plane base in Thompson Manitoba where you will board a flight north to one of our outpost camps on one of the many lakes in our outfitting territory.