Join Clay Newcomb, the publisher of Bear Hunting Magazine, on a five-year quest to harvest a giant Oklahoma black bear. Using a Redneck Hunting Blind (Redneck Buck Palace) was key component of this black bear hunt. Hunting over bait offers the ability to be highly selective, and is a big win for bear conservation. The Oklahoma black bear weighed 550-pounds. The video expounds on how adult male bears are indicator animals pointing towards a vibrant and thriving bear population, and how they're the best animals to take out of a population. The Redneck blind for bear worked out great. The blinds are almost 100% scent proof and these bears never knew Clay was in the woods! Killing an older age class boar is good on many levels. It's good for conservation because these animals have already contributed to the gene pool and they can be cub killers. Also, we're all after a big bear. Bear meat is great table fair when cooked correctly. It's a red meat, but has a nice grain and flavor. Bear meat is almost like a combination of pork and beef! Either way, it's a great tasting meat. Bears also provide a great hide for future memories to be activated by.

            Many don't understand how difficult a baited black bear hunt can be. These giant Oklahoma bears can be like ghosts! Clay's hunted this property for five years and this is the first time he's ever seen this bear, though he's been there since the first year! Black bear hunting is a growing sport and we need more bear hunters! Join the revolution and subscribe to Bear Hunting Magazine! This video is cinematic and fun to watch, but it's also full of great information on bear hunting in the Ozark and Ouachita region of Arkansas and Oklahoma. Bear hunting is conservation!

Watch the 3-Part VLOG Showing the Hard Labor Preparing for the 550lb Bruin!