Getting in Shape

Be Ready for Your Spring Bear Hunt

Being in shape could mean the difference between getting your target bruin, and not. Jake Horton shares tips from his experience in getting fit to tackle the bear woods.
Have you ever thought about trying to call for bears? It can be a rewarding tool in your toolkit. @bozeandbears has a lot of experience with predator calling for bruins and gives some insight in this article.
Ever wanted to hunt the bear in one of the Canadian Provinces? Read on as Al gives us a glimpse into the "bear-scape" of springtime bear season in Ontario so that you can be prepared for your next adventure..
Have you ever been asked by someone, maybe a non-hunter, why you do what you do? Whether its the thrill of seeing wild game, the relief of getting a clean kill, or the satisfaction of contributing to conservation efforts in your area, we all have reasons. Jana Waller explains some of the reasons she does what she does in this article.

Black Bear Biology - Age is Just a Number

The Science of Aging Bears

Ever wondered about the age of that big bear you tagged? Turns out, there's a whole science behind it called cementum annuli aging, where experts count layers in the tooth root to determine age, a bit like counting rings on a tree. This method not only helps hunters with bragging rights, but also aids conservation agencies in managing bear populations sustainably. Plus, it can unveil a female black bear's reproductive history, making those toothy rings even more telling.

Black Bear Biology - Osos del Desierto

The Black Bears of the Chihuahuan Desert

When most of us think of black bears we think of thick timber and rugged mountains. However, because black bears are thriving in modern day North America, there are a few in places you may not think to look. Join Dr. Jenn Ballard as she dives into one of these locations and shows some of the research going on today.
An often less talked about part of bear hunting is your vehicle. Join the author Bernie Barringer as he walks us through his bear rig setup!