Lauren's Outdoor Wish

An Outdoor Dream Becomes Reality

Read along as the United Special Sportsman Alliance makes an outdoor dream become reality for young Lauren.

First Bear Hunt

Hound Hunting Bears with Ben Jones

Appalachian bear hunt in the books for this first time bear hunter. Going with an experienced bear hunter/houndsman can make for a rewarding experience and may even make someone a lifelong bear hunter...

In Hot Pursuit - The Benefits of Cross Training

Good for the Body | Good for the Mind

Have you ever considered cross training to benefit your handle on your hounds? @thehuntinghound has some experience under his belt in the hound world and dives into some of the benefits of this practice.
Delve into the extraordinary journey of Elijah Keller, a seasoned bear hunter and houndsman whose passion for the pursuit runs deep in his family roots and Michigan heritage. From his upbringing surrounded by hunting traditions to the evolution of his prized hound, Hatchet, Keller’s story paints a vivid picture of dedication, resilience, and the profound bond between a hunter and his faithful hound. Experience the highs and lows of their adventures, from treed bears to heart-wrenching farewells, as Keller honors the legacy of Hatchet, a true legend in the world of bear hunting.