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Black Bear Hunting explains not only the best techniques for the hunter, it also describes the behavior and habits of the hunted. Loaded with practical advice from hunting expert Richard P. Smith. Hardcover - 370 pages.
* Tips on locating your black bear
* The best weapons and gear
* Time-tested hunting techniques
* The basics of baiting and ambushing
* Hunting hard mast and fish runs
* Snow tracking and calling
* Hunting bear with dogs
* Caring for your trophy
* Working with a guide

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Book Review As Published In Issue of Bear Hunting Magazine by Don Muggli.
If you are interested in any aspect of black bear hunting, you will want to read this book. The 384 page volume is illustrated with 200 quality color photographs and is the ultimate reference for black bear hunters. Smith is an award winning outdoor writer and photographer. He has hunted and photographed black bears across North America for more than 40 years. His biggest bear currently ranks second in the Longhunter Big Game Record Book. He has taken three black bears with skulls large enough to qualify for Boone and Crockett; four more are listed with the Pope and Young Club. The bulk of the books contents are devoted to the variety of hunting methods used across North America. A number of chapters cover the most popular tactics: baiting and dogging. Since these methods are not legal everywhere black bears are hunted, plenty of other options are described, such as spotting and stalking, calling, drives, snow tracking, watching water holes and hunting natural food sources. Even where baiting and dogging black bears is legal, these alternative hunting techniques are sometimes more effective. Chapters that delve into hunting natural food sources discuss fish runs, hard mast such as acorns and beech nuts, fruits such as apples and cherries, and grains such as corn and oat fields. There is plenty of information that will prove helpful for black bear hunting anywhere it is legal. Field judging black bears, for instance, is a subject that both novice and veteran hunters have difficulty with, regardless of the hunting method they use. Since bears do not grow antlers like deer, it can be difficult to tell the difference between males and females. Judging the size of individual bears can also be difficult. The information included in this one chapter is worth the cost of the book. It provides a number of easy-to-use methods of sizing and sexing black bears that anyone can master. A subject that also confuses some hunters who mostly hunt deer is where is the best place to aim at a black bear; the book covers this topic in detail. The text clearly explains what to do and is complemented by photographs of bears in different positions with aiming points clearly marked. Also discussed, is what types of rifles (centerfire and muzzleloading), shotguns, handguns and bows to use for bear hunting. How to recover bears that are shot, field care and skinning of carcasses, care of bear skulls, guided hunts and protecting bear hunting for the future are also covered. It is important for hunters to understand the biology and behavior of the animals they hunt. Those who are interested in learning more about bears, including how to estimate their weight by simply taking two measurements will be delighted with this book. I give this book a 4 paws out of 4 paws rating, it is well written and the subject is thoroughly covered. If I had to only own one book on bear hunting, this would be it.