Join in on a candid conversation about the challenges of modern parenting with Clay, his wife Misty, and their good friends Josh and Kristie Speilmaker and how they build their families. They discuss on growing epidemic of unmotivated boys and underachieving young men while talking about the book "Boys Adrift". This is must listen for parents as they discuss raising kids in an outdoor & hunting lifestyle, but more specifically about how to built a context for a transfer of values. Josh and Clay talk about their hunting history and tell a few funny stories, too. Misty even tells about why she married CLAY!
Things start out fun on this podcast and then end up with some revelatory barriers to entry for new hunters. If you have a friend that has been on the fence with trying hunting, this would be a great episode for them to listen to. From babbling, indiscernible rednecks to our first ever Sportsman's Quiz to some serious dialogue about concerns from some new hunters. This is a very interesting podcast.
Writer and self-proclaimed philosophical hillbilly, Johnny Carrol Sain, stopped by the Bear Hunting Magazine Global Headquarters to talk about hunting philosophy, the direction of the hunting industry, baiting critters, and our place in hunting.
Clay, Brent Reaves, and houndsman Strait Sedillo gather for a campfire conversation during a hound hunt in New Mexico for black bear. They talk about how Strait hunts his hounds and what he looks for in a hound. Brent shares a hilarious story passed down from his dad about a hound dog too!
After a successful hunt the road is a great time to reflect! Join Clay and long time friend Chris Roberts as they discuss their hunt and throw in some stories from years of friendship in which one of them may have almost drowned. This is a fun road trip down memory lane. They also talk about the difficulties with judging big whitetails.
Join Clay and legendary outfitter Tom Ainsworth as they discuss big whitetails! Tom has a deep understanding of whitetails that he learned from chasing them on large stretches of land in Manitoba, Canada. Clay also recaps his successful hunt with Tom at Grandview Outfitters!
Join Clay and Kolby as they discuss Clay's recent public land bear hunt on public land in Arkansas. They talk about some of the things that led to success in the 'Sheep Hunt of the South' including tactics and gear. Enjoy!