Clay Newcomb is joined by Justin Spring and his wife, Becca. Justin is the Director of Records for the Boone and Crockett Club in Missoula, Montana. They talk about Justin's recent hunt for musk ox in Nunavut and an assortment of big game they hunt in Montana. They share stories and eventually talk about fair chase and Boone and Crockett's position on GPS technology when hunting with hounds.
It's time to go back and rehearse the fundamentals. That's right we are re-releasing one of our bear hunting fundamental poscasts covering everything you need to know about shot placement on the shadows of the forest, the black bear. Clay Newcomb, Ryan Grebb, and Kolby Morehead discuss how to make the most ethical shot on a black bear. Forget your whitetail tactics boys!
It is time to go into the archives and re-release one of our most popular episodes diving into judging black bears. Black bears are one of the most difficult big game animals to judge for size and maturity. In this episode Clay Newcomb, Kolby Morehead, & Ryan 'Flint Face' Grebb discuss their collective knowledge and tactics for determining the sex, size, and overall quality of a black bear.
During the Covid 19 pandemic Clay & River Newcomb alongside Kolby 'Bear Tech' Morehead sit down to discuss the state of the spring bear hunting season and to continue their conversation surrounding the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation. The main topic is how how hunter's are funding conservation and the challenges that haunt the model in our modern context.
Time for a fireside chat with Clay, Gary, & Bear Newcomb alongside James & Zach Brandenburg. It's a rainy night in camp after a day of chasing long beards on public land during youth season in Arkansas. This podcast has three generations of Newcombs and two generations of Brandeburgs recounting a memorable day of father/son thunder chicken chasing.
In modern hunting it is important to know our history, story, and know your hunting narrative. Understanding the North American Model fo Wildlife Conservation is a linchpin that helps understand our relevance. In this episode, Clay and River Newcomb alongside Kolby Morehead discuss Shane Mahoney and Valerious Guist's book.
Have you ever heard a hunter's horn blown? 85 year old Eldridge Cutchall is a lifelong houndsman from the East Tennessee mountains. Clay joins Tracy (TL) Jones and they go to visit Mr. Eldridge at his home in Green County, Tennessee. Mr. Eldridge talks about bear dogs, his old hunting buddies, and what he's learned as a hound hunter. The emphasis of the podcast is about the lifelong tradition of hunting with hounds, its value, and the old-time hunters that we still have with us.
Black Duck Revival's own Jonathan Wilkins came up to the Ozarks and sat down with Clay at the Bear Hunting Magazine Global Headquarters after going on his first raccoon hunt with Clay. On this episode of the Bear Hunting Magazine Podcast, Jonathan takes a sportsman pop quiz after their hunt and then they talk about cooking raccoon. Jonathan shares his first perceptions of hound hunting and his recent "revival' outing they had taking people from different parts of the country on their first ever waterfowl hunt in the Arkansas Delta!
Got Bear Grease? Bear Hunting Magazine proudly brings you all you need to know about Bear grease, bear oil, & bear lard as it is all the same. We discuss what we know and have observed about rendering bear fat into usable oil. Bear grease is used in all matter of things like cooking, preserving leather, fuel for burning oil lamps, making soap & candles, oiling guns & knives, and even forecasting the weather. We start at topics in the field like how to harvest it from a bear & how to handle it. For after the hunt, we discuss how to render it, store it, and how a man named Gordon Wimsatt used it to accurately forecast the weather with it. Look for articles regarding bear fat in our magazine and social media platforms!
In this episode of the Bear Hunting Magazine Podcast we drop in on the national expert on the history and culture of the Ozark Mountains, Dr. Brooks Blevins. He has written thirteen books on the topic so he knows his stuff. We went to Missouri State University to discuss how bear hunters, hillbillies & good ol' boys defined this region of North America. Bear hunters played a big role in the settling of this territory and in the words of Dr. Blevins, bear hunters were the "sports stars of their era." If you're looking for an interesting podcast this one is for you as it is one of the most interesting ones we've ever recorded!