The name "Ted Nugent" evokes a host of responses from different people. Ted is an iconic rock-and-roll legend and outspoken political pundit, but in the hunting community we know him as "Uncle Ted." He's been the most outspoken hunter on the mainstream American stage for the longest period of time. Early on, Ted brought a new energy, life and zeal into the hunting world along with a positive narrative unlike anything we'd ever heard. Ted is also a controversial figure in many spheres for various reasons, which he addresses in this conversation. On three different occasions Ted plays the guitar for host, Clay Newcomb, including his legendary song, Fred Bear, at the end of the podcast. Clay and Ted discuss the threats to modern hunting, Ted's hunting roots, staying clean and sober for 72 years, poaching, and high fence hunting. Ted brings his legendary enthusiasm; this is not one to miss!
Black Duck Revival's own Jonathan Wilkins is back to have a conversation with Clay Newcomb about a difficult subject. They discuss the history of racism and its roots. They also talk about the historical issues that have contributed to low participation of African Americans in modern hunting. Jonathan gives insightful commentary on race issues in general. The conversation pivot's around the book "Hunting and Fishing in the New South" by Scott Giltner.
We had a great discussion this week with Rick Spicer from Pack Rat Outdoor Center in Fayetteville, AR. Rick is part owner of the center and is an avid outdoorsmen. We dive deep into his passion for the outdoors as we discuss his vast experience in mountaineering and the skills he is building regarding bushcraft. What makes him even cooler is that Rick also loves to hunt which goes hand in hand with his desire to be in wile places. We also discuss why there is a gap between hunting and non-hunting outdoorsman and how to possibly bridge that gap. Our conclusion is that part of guarding the gate is opening the gate.
We took a short trip across town to sit outside with legendary mule skinner Lloyd Hawley from Hawleywood's Mule Farm. We learned a lot about mules and the mule world as Lloyd shared about topics like hybrid vigor and what attributes typically get passed down to a mule from the horse and which one's make it through from a donkey. Lloyd has lived an interesting life and use to break wild mustangs to make extra money which led him down a journey to breeding, training, and competing with mules at shows and competitions. As usual there are some fun stories alongside some great information that will make you more informed than the average bear regarding equine animals.
We're giving a hat tip to the Voice as we sit down with Cam Spinks who was a contestant on this last season of the Voice on NBC. Cam is an avid hunter and we had plenty to talk about regarding his passion and pursuits in the outdoors. We also talk about how music has become a driving force in his life. Cam is from Alabama so of cource we had to get the inside information on the rivalry between Alabama & Auburn. We really have fun when we talk about his musical and outdoor heroes.
Covid 19 has families in closer quarters than many in our generation have ever known. We want our families to be strong and there is no better time to build family culture. Josh Spielmaker, Malachi Nichols, Ben Lagrone, and Clay Newcomb discuss building your family on purpose and instilling a family culture, values, and philosophy on purpose. All four of these men are id different parts of their lives in their family journey. The topic is serious but the guys don't forget to have a good time and laugh about stories like how Malachi won't go in as partners on a boat with Clay and Josh's graduation from the "Gary Newcomb Hunting School of Hard Knocks." (Summer Edition) camp.
Black Bear recovery and expansion is a topic we can never get enough of at the Bear Hunting Magazine Global Headquarters. This week we talk about just that as we sit down with Missouri wildlife biologists Laura Conlee & Joshua Wisdom to discuss the exciting state of the Missouri black bears including a proposed hunting season for residents. We learn a lot about bear biology, home ranges, denning, ground nests, and other bear facts.
Do you want a squirrel dog? If not, after this podcast you just might. There is a resurgence across the country of the rich history of small game hunting. Squirrels are one of the most accessible of game with good numbers and long seasons. It is an easy critter to chase in groups and having a good dog only adds to the overall value you find in such a hunt. Clay Newcomb, Michael Lanier, Trae Autry, and Jason Liles talk about the different breeds of squirrel dogs, the dog registry, what different breeds are known for; alongside, some mule talk and of course some tom foolery in this fun conversation.
It's a showdown for the ages. Bear Hunting Magazine's own Clay Newcomb and videographer Brent Reaves go head to head with the first ever story-off. Stories range from taming a wild bronc named Ken's Reward to catching a coyote by hand. The art of story telling is rich in historical significance and is a valuable part of the human experience. We tip our hat to that heritage that passes own our history, beliefs, convictions, experiences, and sometimes is just good for a laugh. If you like to laugh this one is for you.
We find ourselves in an unprecedented time of instability with Covid 19. With people having more disposable time, limited options on activities, and meat shortages at the store there is an influx of new hunters taking advantage of our shared public lands which is exciting. With a lack of experience, these new adventurers need to know some of the do's and dont's of public hunting. James Brandenburg from the Arkansas Backcountry and Anglers chapter to discuss our public land protocol public service announcement. Protect that sense of camaraderie concerning your fellow hunters, make wise decisions, and guard the gate!