Our team is dedicated to providing not only the best whitetail deer hunting, or the best black bear hunting, but the best experience at any Canadian hunting lodge. Each member of our team has an extremely hard work ethic contributing to the success our clients have in the field year after year, and the enjoyment they have at camp making the overall experiences one not to be forgotten.

It is our mission to earn your business and have repeat customers return year after year. You may show up as a customer but you will be leaving as a friend.

The perfect black bear territory

We are located on the edge of the local farmlands, where tended fields give way to the vast and dense boreal forest. This is where the game population thrives thanks to their ease of access to ample amounts of forage in the summer and fall.

The home of giant black bears and color phase bears

In the spring black bear season, we target the pre-rut on into the full rut period. It is our experience that this is when the big old giant black bears pop out in the area, we are
confident that you too can bag a winner.

In combination with a great population of giant black bears we also have a dense population of color phase bears. In fact, we would not be exaggerating by saying color phase bears in our area would run right around twenty percent of
the total population.

A Typical Day In The Camp

Morning to Early Afternoon

Wake up to a continental-style breakfast. Enjoy spending the morning fishing, shooting on our archery course or lounging.

Mid Afternoon

We serve a large mid-afternoon meal to see you through the evening hunt. After your meal has settled, we load into the guides’ pickups, and head for the Saskatchewan woods.

Evening to Late Night

Spend the evening hunting, after which you can expect to return to a spread of hot food fit for a king. Share your stories of the hunt while our expert guide team skins your trophy.


Our modes of transportation vary based on the location of the most active stands. UTV, ATV and/or argo’s are used to access our various stand locations.


You will be given a communication device allowing you to contact our guide team in the event of a bear down, or in the event of an emergency. Unless you contact your guide early, pickup will be just after legal light.


Our spacious accommodations located on the edge of the endless wilderness offer each hunter their own bedroom with easy access to the bathrooms. In combination with the privacy of your own bedroom, we have a large common lounging, dining and television room. You’ll be treated to delicious hot meals created by chef Adam before and after your days hunt.

Contact Us

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