Why choose us?

There are many great outfitters and areas to hunt in BC which makes it difficult to choose one. We feel our operation is among the best for several reasons. It is a very large (2850 square miles), diverse habitat, encompassing the foothills/lowlands of the Omineca mountains in the South as well as a beautiful 30 mile long mountain range to the North.

There is low hunting pressure with high game density and most of the area has not been hunted by the previous outfitter allowing the possibility of being the first hunter into some of this remote country. We customize each hunt based on your preferences and capability. We often see over 10 bears per day in the spring and an average of 3-4 moose per week per hunter during the rut. Our wolverine range has some great goat hunting within a provincial park with 100% success rate over the past 10 years with no other hunters ever seen in that area.

Our work ethic, professionalism, friendly nature, and logistics is second to none. Prior to guiding and outfitting full-time, Ray also worked as a manager in big industry for several years. One thing to consider when booking a hunt is that some guide/outfitters manage the hunts but are not the owners of the business. Ray and Dan strongly feel that being both the owners and operators allows them to be more vested in the company and its success than simply being an employee. It should be a consideration when booking your next hunt.

As an added bonus on all hunts is free fishing and wolf hunting. Our area has some of the best freshwater trout and char fishing in the province and we often see wolves while hunting other species, affording the potential of taking a nice trophy in addition to your primary species hunt.

The whole team is very organized and will take care of all the details, so all you have to do is enjoy your hunt and have fun!

Bear Hunts

Our spring bear hunts are very exciting with numerous sightings per day often in the double digits.  Average harvest size between 6' to 7'.  There is a high density and we take a limited number of hunters affording many opportunities including color phase bears.  Bears will frequent the southern mountain slopes and newer logging cuts, feeding on the fresh grasses, clover and dandelions in the spring.  We know where the good  berry patches are and can put you on some great bears in the Fall as well.  We are also lobbying to return the grizzly hunt in BC.

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