Four Bears Harvested In Kentucky

Kentucky Dept. Fish & Wildlife, Bear Hunting Magazine

Hunters in Kentucky were able to get four black bears during the states third bear season that was held December 10-11th. Of the 484 permits purchased for this hunt, two of the bears were harvested in Letcher County and two in Harlan County.

Information released by the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources shows that the largest taken was a 350-pound male in Letcher County and is also the heaviest taken since Kentucky's first season in 2009. The bear likely weighed more than 400 pounds before it was field dressed.

Snow and ice storms created difficult hunting conditions during Kentucky's two previous bear seasons which resulted in no bears being taken in 2009 and only two in 2010.

Hunters are required to register their harvest online or over the telephone through the state's Telecheck system. Hunters are also required to bring the bears to a check station so biologists can collect information on the bear's age, sex, weight, body measurements, and the presence of tags or tattoos used to mark some animals.

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