UPDATE: PA Preliminary Harvest Numbers

Pennsylvania Game Commission, Bear Hunting Magazine

UPDATE 11/27/2011:
Pennsylvania Game Commission preliminary bear harvest figures shows 3,023 bears were checked by agency personnel at official check stations during the first three days of the ongoing four-day statewide season. Last year, in a three-day season with a Saturday opener, 2,815 bears were harvested.

So far, the state's incomplete bear harvest of 3,023 preliminarily ranks as the seventh highest statewide harvest. However, bears taken in the five-day statewide bear archery season (Nov. 14-18) and to be taken in the upcoming extended bear seasons in certain Wildlife Management Units (WMUs) will increase this preliminary statewide bear harvest total. The two largest total bear harvests were recorded in 2005 (4,164 bears taken) and 2009 (3,512).

Preliminary total bear harvest figures - including the ongoing extended bear seasons - are expected the week of December 5th. Official total bear harvest figures for all seasons will not become available until early 2012, after a review of all bear harvest reports.

UPDATE 11/23/11:
After the second day of the 2011 Pennsylvania bear season, hunters have bagged a preliminary harvest number of 2,079 bear. One bear was harvested in Allegheny County, which makes it the first time a hunter has taken a bear in this county since the Pennsylvania Game Commission began keeping records in 1949. The 746-pound bear mentioned in the News Flash below still stands as the largest taken this year.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission have released information for the start of the 2011 black bear season. Hunters have taken a preliminary harvest of 1,936 black bears in 52 counties on the first day of the four-day statewide bear season, which was the second season to open on a Saturday. Archery bear harvest data still is being entered into the Game Commission's database, and will not be available for another week.

The 2011 first-day preliminary harvest compares with 1,751 in 2010, which also opened on a Saturday. Other first-day harvest totals were 1,897 in 2009; 1,725 in 2008; 1,005 in 2007; 1,461 in 2006; 2,026 in 2005; 1,573 in 2004; 1,454 in 2003;1,348 2002; 1,812 in 2001; and 1,691 in 2000.

The top 11 bears processed at check stations on Monday all had estimated live weights that exceeded 591 pounds. The largest bear, which was a male that weighed in at 746 pounds (estimated live weight) was taken in Ulysses, Potter County.

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