Wyoming Hunter Hurt By Grizzly

Wyoming Game & Fish Department, Bear Hunting Magazine

Wyoming Game and Fish release information today regarding an old and underweight grizzly bear that was euthanized over the weekend after biting a hunter on the leg along the South Fork of the Shoshone River. The hunter had four puncture wounds, but wasn't seriously hurt.

The man and his friend were hunting in a dense willow patch when he walked in on a bear that was lying there and the bear bit him on the left thigh. Biologists searched for the bear over the weekend and found the animal to be in poor shape. It was an older bear, with many broken teeth and its' body fat was around 15%. The average for this time of year is closer to 30%.

The department stated, that while the bear was acting normally, biologists opted to euthanize the animal because of its condition, age and proximity to populated areas.

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