Black Bears Visit AK Grocer, TN Candy Store

AK DFG, TN Police, Bear Hunting Magazine

Tennessee Story From 10/21/11:
A black bear was found eating candy treats at a store in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Employees found the bear when they arrived to open the store and saw a hole in a glass front door that the bear apparently broke to get in. When the local police arrived, they opened the back doors and were able to get the bear to run out into the woods. The bruin had made quite a mess of the store, Employees found candy on the floor, wrappers and packaging strewn throughout, parts of chewed on candy and chunks eaten out of caramel apples.

Alaska Story From 10/20/11:
Authorities stated that a small black bear walked in the front door of a Ketchikan IGA store last weekend. The bear made its way to a produce cooler where it started to eat food in it. A customer was successful in capturing the bear and it was placed out the store's back door. It then went into the woods behind the store. Authorities believe it may be orphaned since its mother was not seen nearby. Several thousand dollars of ruined produce were donated to a livestock owner.

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