Baranof/Admiralty Island Closes For Brown Bears

Alaska DFG, Bear Hunting Magazine

Admiralty Island:
Bear season on Admiralty Island will end at 11:59 p.m. Wednesday, October 12th, according to an emergency order issued by the Alaska Department of Fish & Game. They stated in the ADF&G order that the maximum harvest guideline for Admiralty Island was met, when three sows had been reported killed. Their harvest guidelines are to close when either 13 males or three females are met. This also stops brown bear hunting on smaller islands adjacent to Admiralty, but does not affect the season in the remainder of Game Management Unit 4, which encompasses Admiralty Island.

Barnof Island:
Brown bear hunting on Baranof Island in Alaska closed at midnight last night. An emergency order from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game stated that five female bears have been harvested, which was past their target number.

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