Bears Being Found In Interesting Locations

Various DNR Websites (MT/BC/NM), Bear Hunting Magazine

This past week has been full of bears being seen or found in different locations then we normally see in the news. Earlier this week we ran the story of a bear in New Mexico walking through a hardware store. Others bears have now been seen at the Missoula, Montana airport and a pizza place in British Columbia. Read below for more information.

A black bear was found early Wednesday morning at the Missoula International Airport while trying to get in the automatic doors. Personnel working at the airport at night saw the bear near the entrance so they turned off the automatic doors so it couldn't get in. The witness said the bear did try and run into the glass a couple of times. The bear was scared away into a tree near the rental car parking area. The bear was then tranquilized by an employee of the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks and removed from the area. It was tagged and relocated in the Lolo Pass area later the same day.

The black bear in British Colombia who entered a pizza place in Whistler is now being searched for by Conservation officers in the area. Earlier this week around dinner time, the bear was seen trying to get into a trash can nearby. Soon, it decided to enter Fat Tony's, a popular pizza place in town. The bear stood up over the counter and grabbed a pizza off the display and started eating it. Employees backed of while the bear ate the pizza and then left the restaurant.

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