Alaskan Hunter Mauled By Grizzly

Alaska State Troopers, Bear Hunting Magazine

A 64 year-old man who was hunting moose with three other men was attacked by a grizzly bear in northern Alaska earlier this week. The retired Marine had to hike to camp, travel by boat down river to a lodge and then be airlifted by an Alaska Air National Guard helicopter to an Anchorage area hospital.

He had originally walked away from camp by himself to find something he had dropped earlier in the hunt when he encountered the bear. He saw the grizzly about 75 yards away from him, but it quickly closed the gap between them and only had enough time to fire off one shot from his .30-06 before it grabbed him. The bear’s claws dug into his back, near his kidneys, bit his head, tearing an ear and leaving deep wounds with its canine teeth at the base of the skull.

When hunting companions heard the shot, they turned on their radio and heard the man mumbling that a bear had got him. They found him and helped get him back to camp, which took around an hour. From there they got him down river on a boat, meeting up with other hunters who were able to call for emergency help from the Alaska State Patrol and the Alaska National Guard who were able to get him the rest of the way out of the wilderness. A spokeswoman at the hospital stated that he was in fair condition the following day.

When the man's hunting companions returned to take down their camp, the found his backpack where the attack occurred and realized it was only thirty yards away from a moose carcass. More than likely, the bear was protecting a moose kill and the man just came up on it, which probably initiated the attack.

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