Wisconsin Bear Season Begins

Wisconsin DNR, Bear Hunting Magazine

Wednesday is the start of bear hunting season in the state of Wisconsin, and the DNR wants to remind bear hunters of the regulations for those who harvest a bear. The DNR is using this season and the bears that hunters kill to evaluate the bear population in the state.

Hunters who take a bear this year will be required to submit a bear tooth and a two-inch piece of bear rib at the time of registration. These will be used in a population study that the DNR partnered with the University of Wisconsin where they leave bait in specific locations across the state.

Baits laced with tetracycline and tetracycline were set out so that bears would take them in certain locations and since this leaves a mark that is found on the bones of the animal, biologists will be able to use the results from the season to figure out an estimated for the Wisconsin bear population. The last time this study was done it was found that the states population was highly underestimated; finding that close to 30,000 bears lived in the state as opposed to the previously thought 15,000.

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