Nevada Moves Bear Hunting Regulation Vote

New Jersey DEP Fish & Wildlife, Bear Hunting Magazine

The Nevada Board of Wildlife Commissioners removed an item from their August agenda that would have made the temporary bear hunting regulation permanent. It will now be placed on the agenda for their next meeting in September.

"We want to make it clear that by rescheduling this agenda item it in no way prevents the bear hunt scheduled for this season," said Ken Mayer, Director of NDOW. "Those sportsmen who have drawn tags for the season beginning August 20 will still be able to hunt."

The item was removed from the upcoming Commission meeting agenda as a result of the decision from the First Judicial District Court, which indicated that although the "State substantially complied with the applicable law" in adopting the temporary regulation, the notice for the temporary regulation should have indicated that new fees were being charged, and a statement for the need for the temporary regulation.

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