Washington Upping Bear Permit Fees

Washington Fish & Wlidlife, Bear Hunting Magazine

Starting September 1, the base cost of most Washington hunting and fishing licenses will increase. This is the first general recreational license fee increase in more than a decade.

The 2011 Legislature approved the new fees to help meet rising costs and a shortfall in revenue for managing hunting, fishing and the fish and wildlife populations that are the focus of those activities.

Not all license fees will increase, and some will decline, including those for youth, seniors and persons with disabilities. New license fee prices are available on the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) website at http://wdfw.wa.gov/licensing/license_fees.html.

Resident, $22.00
Non-resident, $220.00
Resident, Senior, $22.00
Youth Under 16, $11.00
Disabled Hunter, $11.00

***Bear W/Small game discount To receive the discounted rate, the small game licenses must be purchased at the same time as a big game license is purchased (total purchase price).
Resident, $44.00
Non-resident, $316.80
Senior, $19.80
Youth Under 16, $19.80
Disabled Hunter, $19.80

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