Finland To Up Bear Permit Numbers

Finland Minister of the Environment, Bear Hunting Magazine

The Finland Ministry increased the number of bear hunting permits this week. A statute set by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry will permit the shooting of 263 bears during the 2011 season. The number is an increase of twenty permits over last years. The season will run from August 20th to the end of October.

Last year, brown bears caused an unusually large amount of damage and threatening situations. ”During the last hunting season, we saw an exceptionally large number of threatening situations caused by bears. Moreover, damage done by bears increased as well”, stated the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry.

According to estimates, there are at least 1,660 to 1,780 brown bears living in Finland. The estimate for last year numbered around 1,515 to 1,635. The Finnish bear population has doubled in the course of the 21st century.

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