Another Yellowstone Grizzly Euthanized

Yellowstone National Park, Bear Hunting Magazine

An aggressive grizzly bear conditioned to human food was captured and euthanized by Yellowstone National Park staff Monday morning. For the past three years, the four year-old male grizzly had been unsuccessfully hazed at least twenty-five times from the Lake Village, Bridge Bay Campground and Fishing Bridge developments.

Over the weekend, the bear aggressively approached and charged a man sitting along the Storm Point Trail on the north edge of Yellowstone Lake. The man threw his pack at the bear, stopping the charge. The bear then tore into the pack and ate the food inside. The sub-adult bruin was found to be healthy and had 14.8 percent body fat, normal for this time of year.

Due to the bear’s history of associating people with food, repeated visitation to developed areas within the park and numerous unsuccessful hazing attempts, the Park Service decided the bear posed a threat to the safety of visitors. Efforts to relocate food-conditioned bears have generally proven unsuccessful, the Park Service stated.

So far this year, ten grizzlies have been killed in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, half of them through management actions. It is estimated that 600 grizzlies live in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, which includes national forests surrounding Yellowstone National Park.

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