Bear Euthanized In New Jersey

New Jersey DEP, Bear Hunting Magazine

Update August 8, 2011
Officials released a statement that the black bear that wandered into a campsite in a North Jersey state forest last week has been captured and euthanized.

DEP spokesman Lawrence Hajna says the 18-month-old male black bear was caught in a snare around 10:15 p.m. Friday, not far from the campsite in Stokes State Forest in Sussex County. The bear was euthanized because it was classified as a "Category I" bruin, meaning it posed a threat to public safety or property.

Update August 5, 2011
Officials are now thinking that the two boys earlier stated as having been hurt by a black bear while camping did not receive their injuries directly from the bear itself. No other explanation was given, but it is thought that their injuries may have occurred while trying to get away from the bear who had gone into their campsite.

Original News Flash
Two boys, ages 11 and 12, received minor injuries after a black bear attacked them at their campsite in Stokes State Forest in Sussex County, New Jersey.

Police stated that a black bear entered the area being used by campers from Montague-based Trail Blazers Camp. A bear grabbed one of the boys out of a tent, causing a minor foot injury. It then swiped at the other boy injuring his shoulder area.
The black bear left the immediate area but returned shortly after and was rummaging through the campsite when New Jersey Fish and Game officials arrived. They then shot the bear.

Information regarding why the bear may have attacked the campers (i.e. food improperly stored) has not yet been released.

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