Tennessee Bear Rescued From Jar

TN Wildlife Resource Agency, Bear Hunting Magazine

A Tennessee bear was released into the Cherokee National Forest after a wildlife officer spent three weeks tracking it after it was seen with a jar stuck on its head.

The black bear, skinny but otherwise fine, had been spotted numerous times over the last three weeks before the official was able to locate and use a tranquilizer dart on the bear. It was immediately hooked up to an intravenous drip and the jar removed from its head.

The bear was first seen with the jar on its head on June 28th by utilities workers near the city of Newport, TN water treatment plant. The bear had apparently been foraging in garbage near the area.

The bear was estimated to have went from around 200 pounds down to 115 from not eating for the three week period. Officials are assuming that the bear must have been able to drink water by lowering its head under water and filling up the jug.

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