Grizzly Killed In Montana

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Dept., Bear Hunting Magazine

Near Ferndale, Montana biologists trapped and killed a five year-old male grizzly that was visiting homes and breaking into their chicken coops killing the chickens. This particular bear had a long history of conflicts, including killing more than 100 chickens last year and had broken into at least eight chicken coops, two garages and a house. These past actions were confirmed by a radio transmitter and by DNA analysis.

Efforts to trap the bear last year were not successful, because the grizzly rarely returned to the same sites for long periods of time. According to a FWP Wildlife Manager the decision was made to kill this grizzly because of the potential threat to human safety.

Also last week, the Montana FWP also captured a three year-old male grizzly near Ferndale that was captured in a trap set for a black bear. The grizzly did have chicken feed in its scat and was moved to a drainage on the east side of Hungry Horse Reservoir and fitted with a radio collar. This bear had no previous history of capture.

A third bear on the same day was captured (a five year-old female grizzly) near Eureka and moved to Big Creek in the North Fork Drainage.

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