Florida Bicyclist Collides With Bear

Florida Fish and Wildlife, Bear Hunting Magazine

A Florida man who rides his bike to work at Tyndall Air Force Base often, was hit by a black bear around six-thirty in the morning this last Thursday. He was riding his usual route along US Hwy 98 when he spotted something out of the corner of his eye that was big and black.

Unfortunately, he could do nothing in time to stop the collision with the bear as it hit into his bike and leg broadside. He estimated the bear to weigh around 250 pounds and the impact knocked both he and the bear over. Witnesses who saw the collision where surprised and shocked.

The bear, which was apparently not seriously hurt, got up and ran into the woods nearby. The bicyclist, thinking he would have to get up and expect the bear to go after him, was relieved to see the bear depart, but realized his back tire was ripped off and frame was bent. After a few moments he also realized he had road rash on his elbows, back and hip, but most of the pain was in his neck and hip. A driver who witnessed the collision gave the bicyclist and his broken bike a ride to Tyndall.

Lt. Stan Kirkland with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission believes there are over 3,000 black bears in the state. He believes that while this incident is very unusual, bear sightings are not as rare in this area.

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