Two Bears Killed In Vancouver In One Day

British Columbia Ministry of Natural Resources, Bear Hunting Magazine

Two bears were killed by officials in one day during separate encounters with humans earlier this week.

One of the bears was destroyed on Seymour Mountain after an encounter with a jogger. The man was running along a trail, when he sensed he was being followed and then saw the black bear following him. The man continued to run which is when the bear decided to chase him. He escaped when four domestic dogs that were being walked nearby chased the attacking animal away.

A conservation officer later found the bear and deemed it aggressive after failed attempts at trying to scare it away by making noises and throwing rocks. It was deemed that the bear did not have a fear of humans and being that the animal was in a heavily populated area, the officer decided to destroy the bear at that time.

The same day, officials killed another black bear that was roaming around a different neighborhood. This bear, an older sow (about 15 years of age), was found to be highly habituated and dependent on unnatural food sources, mainly garbage found near homes and in dumpsters. The bear had a clear disregard for humans and the conservation officer was unable to get the bear to leave the area using the usual tactics. The bear was tranquillized and shot at close range.

Authorities stated that residents need to call in to report bears in suburban settings and not continue to let them eat garbage, as in this case, it proved to be one of the reasons the bear had to be put down.

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