Bear Kills Penned Pigs In CT

CT DEP, Bear Hunting Magazine

Two of four pigs were killed by a bear in the backyard of a Winchester neighborhood home Monday night. Connecticut state officials warn that the bear could return to the area if it gets hungry.

The residence of the home went to check the backyard pen that housed the pigs and found one pig dead inside and two missing. They heard what they thought was one of the pigs and spotted a black bear nearby, eating one of their pigs.

They called 911 and CT State Police and officials with the Department of Environmental Protection arrived. One of the state troopers fired a shotgun at the bear and the bear fled without being hurt.

While bears don't often attack livestock, those that do are likely to do it again. DEP biologists set up a bear trap, hoping to catch the bear before it goes after anything else.

Sixty-eight black bear sightings were reported in the Winchester area between June 2, 2010 and May 31, 2011. Across Connecticut there were 1,785 sightings reported during that same time frame.

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