Minnesota DNR To Rerun Lottery

Minnesota DNR, Bear Hunting Magazine

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is rerunning their bear lottery due to a computer-related error. Hunters who applied for a 2011 Minnesota bear hunting permit will see new lottery results posted on the DNR website in early June and successful hunters will also be notified by mail later in June.

According to the DNR press release, no bear hunting licenses had been issued but some hunters may be under the mistaken impression they have been selected as a winner because they viewed incorrect content on the agency’s website before the error was detected.

“The message to bear hunters is that we’ll get the word out when correct lottery results are available,” Dennis Simon, DNR wildlife section chief said in the press release. “We regret any inconvenience this misinformation has caused.”

Older data from 2009 rather than the most current data from 2010 was used by the computer to determine hunter preference level. As a result, many bear hunting permit winners were erroneously selected based on incorrect preference information.

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