Alaska Man Mauled By Bear During Hunt

AK Department Of Fish & Game, Bear Hunting Magazine

A large brown bear charged and mauled a 54 year-old Alaska hunter, causing critical injuries before two other men shot and killed the bruin.

Wes Perkins, the former chief of the Nome volunteer fire department, and two companions were in an area near Nome, Alaska known as Skookum Pass when the group spotted the bear and decided to track it on snowmobiles. Perkins was riding ahead of the others when he passed the animal, which had gone down into a creek and laid down in the snow. Perkins was still on his snowmobile but could not escape when the bear charged.

Alaska officials took the man out by helicopter and flown to a hospital in Nome where the severity of his injuries required him to be flown to a Seattle hospital were he was last listed in critical condition.

The other men in the hunting party were able to find the bear where it had wandered away and died. The bear was skinned and the meat was salvaged.

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