Colorado Bear Hunting Expansion Bill Dies

Colorado Division of Wildlife, Bear Hunting Magazine

The Colorado House Bill 1294 allowing more time for bear hunting in Colorado has died as this year’s legislative session winds down. The proposal was postponed on the House calendar and did not have enough time to pass this year because the Legislature adjourned.

A Colorado legislator is changing his bill and dropping the provision that would possibly allow bear hunting in the spring.
Rep. Brown is amending the bill to not allow the hunting of bears in March, April and May. Colorado wildlife officials indicated they will more than likely request a limited bear hunting season in August if the bill passes.

Colorado lawmakers worried about the growing bear population in their state are talking about giving wildlife officials more say over when the animals can be hunted.

The proposal is set for its first hearing this week, could repeal a 1992 voter-approved initiative that prohibits hunting bears from March 1 to September 1 and give the state Division of Wildlife authority to expand hunting dates. The Division of Wildlife neither supports nor endorses the bill. The bill would not overturn the use of hunting with dogs or baiting of black bears.

The Bill sponsor, Rep. J. Paul Brown, says he is not advocating for a spring bear hunt and that his goal is to give the Division of Wildlife the flexibility to set hunting dates as it sees fit to manage the bear population.

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