Bears On The Move Again

Various Sources/Idaho Fish & Game Department, Bear Hunting Magazine

Updated 4/14/11:
A Greene County, New York woman went to the Albany Medical Center Wednesday night after being attacked in her own backyard by a black bear. Bear sightings and bear encounters are not unusual in the Northern Catskills, however bear attacks are rare.
The woman went out to see about her trash cans that had been knocked over. Once she was at the garbage cans, a bear surprised her by jumping on her and taking her down to the ground. The bear then grabbed a bag of trash and headed back into the woods. Residents in the area are being asked to store their garbage cans in their closed garages.

Idaho Bear Happenings
The Idaho Fish & Game want to make sure all hunters in their area of the country are aware of the following:
Both black and grizzly bears have been confirmed in the Upper Snake Region across the Island Park area this spring by recreationalists who have came across tracks from both members of the bruin family. While both black and grizzly bears have been observed coming out of hibernation, it is generally the male of both species that comes out first. Females with cubs den separately from the males and generally emerge after the males have had a chance to snack on winter-killed ungulates. Because of this focus by the bears to regain lost fat reserves, everyone in the Upper Snake Region is reminded that they live in bear country and need to act accordingly.

Black bear hunters heading out for the start of general black bear season on April 15th should be especially careful to identify the species of bear they are looking at before they pull the trigger. Not only is species identification important, but in Idaho, it is legal to take a female bear as long as no cubs are present. It is important that bear hunters take the time to watch for cubs and make sure the bear is a black bear and not a grizzly. Every year, hunters in the Yellowstone Ecosystem kill grizzly bears that they mistake for black bears.

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